L: Candy K R: Dolce K

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I use to not like Valentine's Day because it was a sad reminder that I was single, but the past few years I have not even cared! And this year was no different, but especially because I just got in the mail my Kylie Lip Kits! I didn't get to order any the first time they were released because they sold out so quickly, so when I saw on the Kylie Lip Kit instagram page that they were restocking the kits, I marked that day in my phone so I could make sure this time I could get one this time! As soon as it went on sale I was super lucky and managed to get two of them!
I decided on Candy K and Dolce K because when the kits originally came out those were the two shades I had wanted. Since I just got them in the mail I haven't tried out the shades, or how they feel on my lips. I just wanted to take some pictures, and put this post up since I am so excited to have gotten my hands on these kits!
I will have reviews on both shades in the next few weeks! I have some other great posts coming up so I will have the reviews as soon as I can!
If you have tried them, and love them let me know! And Kylie said on Instagram that they will be restocking the lip kits about every two weeks, so if I like these kits I will pick up another kit! I have my eye on Posie K!

xo, Amy



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