Inglot Gel Eyeliner

I feel like when I first started watching YouTube (back in 2012) Inglot was the brand that everyone was talking about. Everyone buzzed about their eyeshadows and their extremely popular gel eyeliner. But fast forward to 2016, and I feel like no one talks about Inglot anymore! Recently, my brother and his girlfriend went to New York and I told her if she sees the Inglot store she has to go in!! Even if she doesn't buy anything she just needs to go in and take a picture of it for me.
To my surprise she brought me back their gel eyeliner! I was so excited because for all these years I have lusted over Inglot, I finally own something from their brand!
Usually, I am a liquid eyeliner girl, so this is taking some getting use to. The application is what is getting me but it is the blackest eyeliner I have ever used! It draws on so easily and stays black all day. I even got a compliment from a coworker on how black and amazing it looked. At the end of the day it took a little work to get off which I like. To me when an eyeliner takes a little work to wash off it shows me that it'll withstand if my eyes water (or I cry). The formula is very creamy, and glides very easily on the eyelid. Some liquid eyeliners skip while trying to draw on the line and can cause the line to erase itself. One dip into the pot, and it's enough to draw a medium to thick line without having to re-dip my brush back in.
I use it with two different brushes, either an angle brush that came in a bhcosmetics brush set, or I apply it with the silicon liner brush by Real Techniques. I prefer to use this product with the brush rather than the silicon one. The silicon one skips on my lid, and makes it look streaky. The angled brush applies smooth, and with no problems.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, this is an amazing eyeliner. I think with more practice it will become easier and easier for me to apply. I think if it is in your budget or you are in the market for a new eyeliner I would definitely give this one a try. There are no Inglot stores where I live which is a huge bummer, but if you can get to an Inglot store run there now! Even if you can't get to the actual store, order one online. You will not regret it! The creamy, formula makes it very easy for anyone to use. Even if you are a beginner at gel liner like myself!




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