June Favs!

This post is semi late, but better late than never! This month I loved so many new products, and I was super excited to try them all out.

The first thing I loved this month wasn't a tangible item, but an event. I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Sephora VIB rouge event in early June with my best friend and I had the best time! Since I am VIB Rouge I was able to bring one guest so I picked my best friend to come with me. We were there for 3.5 hours getting demos, facials, and just chatting with the beauty representatives to get more info on different products! So informative, and so fun! We got so many free samples of different items, and we of course shopped a ton too. I posted a haul from the event, and you can see it here to see what I bought and more details about the event!
Another event type thing I have loved this month is spin classes! I was lucky enough to be able to take a few free spin classes at a place called Cyc Fitness and it was so fun! I had taken a spin class in the past and really disliked it, but since these classes were free I decided to take them with a few of my coworkers. OMG! I loved them so much! Not only were the teachers amazingly uplifting, encouraging, and super nice but the atmosphere of the place was so cool. The room was dark with only black lights, and colored lights on with music blasting. It was the perfect place to get in shape, and feel so great about yourself afterwards! I want to definitely sign up for more classes there in the future. Cyc Fitness is a chain gym, so click the link and see if there is one close to you! And if not, I did hear that they are slowly expanding so they might be near you soon!

Now on to the actual makeup items I have been loving!

This month I did try out a lot of things, but these were my stand out items! The first thing I loved so much was the sample of Benefits new brow products, and it is the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I am using shade #3 and it is so perfect for my brows. This pencil is easy to use, and adds the perfect amount of product to my brows. It is really waxy, but not too hard. I have really dark brows, and shade #3 is lighter than what I would usually go for. I realized after using it that I like using lighter colors rather than a spot on match. It is really cool toned which I also am finding out that I love. It doesn't make my eyebrows look too dark, or too crazy!
I hadn't ordered from Colourpop in a while, and earlier in the month of June/end of May I posted about a huge Colourpop order I placed. A lot of the items were new to me, and I have loved them so much! I have been loving the highlight in the color Butterfly Beach! It is a darker, rose gold highlight and looks so great on my tanned skin. If you have light medium to deep skin tones this will look amazing on you! Amazing product, and an even more amazing price! The next Colourpop product I have been loving is a super shock eyeshadow from them in the color I Heart This, and, let me say, I love this shade!! Shimmery eyeshadows are my favorite, and this one is so shimmery. It is almost shimmer overload. It is perfection! I think it is a silvery goldish color, and looks amazing on my paler self, as well as my tanner self. I love to wear it all over my lid with nothing else. And lastly, from Colourpop I have been loving their ultra satin lipsticks. I did buy 4 shades, and I do love all the colors, but my most favorite our of the four is the color Molly. It is super bright, and has helped me branch out of my comfort zone. It is a bright pink, fuchsia color with a little bit of purple in it. I definitely recommend picking up the ultra satin lipsticks. They do transfer on cups, straws, etc. but they do stay on all day. I recently wore one, and it literally lasted all day. Even after eating and drinking it still looked amazing. I will picking up KathleenLights new shades as soon as they are available on Colourpop's site!
I have been loving BECCA's highlight in Opal but in the travel liquid form. It is perfect because it looks so dewy and natural on my skin, and has an easy application. It melts right into my skin. The applicator is like a lipgloss wand so I love that I don't accidentally apply too much. Perfect for summer, and perfect for traveling.
If you saw my last post on my ipsy bag you'll have already seen my review on the Happy Hibiscus blush by Seraphine Botanicals. This blush is so amazing, and I definitely want to pick up the full size of it while ipsy has a coupon code on their site! Their site looks like it's full of amazing products, and if I buy stuff from their site I will post a haul!
And lastly of my random bit favorites is a brush by EcoTools. It is there precision blush brush and I have been loving it. It is perfect for applying blush, and bronzer. I have been using it along side with my Benefit palette, and I bought it because at the Sephora event the Benefit Cosmetics used a brush similar to this one to apply blushes to me. I loved it so much so I found this cheaper alternative. It works wonderfully! EcoTools is a great cheap brand of brushes!

And there can't be a monthly favorites without some palettes that I love! This month I have loved all new things I picked up in June. 
The first palette is the Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen palette made in collaboration with Bunny and Tarte Cosmetics. It is so pretty! I won't speak too much on it since I do have a review on the palette already on my blog. Just know that it is great, and I have been loving it. Check out my review on it! The next palette is a palette I picked up at the Sephora event. It is the Cheekathon Blush & Bronzer Palette from Benefit. It is so pretty, and such a great value. I have gone away a few times this month and have brought it with me every time. It is perfection, and I am so obsessed with it. If you love one of Benefit blushes I recommend getting this. This palette is equal in price to two Benefit box blushes but you get five full sized blushes. It is limited edition so I would grab it before it is gone. With this amazing palette it makes me excited to see what Benefit has in store for holiday!
Lastly, I have been obsessed with my newest Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in Sun Dipped. Oh em gee. This glow kit is amazing!! As soon as I saw it on Anastasia's website I bought it immediately. It is so beautiful. I love this glow kit so much, and have been using it like crazy. From the palette I have been using the color 'Summer'. It is my favorite out of the palette but I still love all the others so much too. 'Bronzed' isn't a highlight on my skin because it is too dark, but as an eyeshadow it's perfect! This particular glow kit is only available on Anastasia's website which is kind of a bummer if you can't order from that site. But if you can I would pick it up! I plan on doing a post comparing this glow kit to That Glow kit! 

Let me know what you loved in the month of June! 

xo, Amy



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