Saturday, June 25, 2016

Trip To The Swamp!

When I saw that Bunny was bringing out a palette with Tarte Cosmetics I was really excited for her! I didn't originally plan on buying this palette because I wasn't sure how well the colors would suite me, but after watching a few tutorials using it I decided I wanted it. This palette is so Bunny! From the name of the palette to the names of the eyeshadows it screams Bunny. 
The palette that Bunny came out with is called 'The Swamp Queen' palette and I must say it is so beautiful. I just started dipping into Tarte Cosmetics this year, and I must say I am really impressed. 
First off, I love the packaging. It looks like a little wooden box, and it is even textured. It isn't too bulky which can happen with some set like palettes making it ideal for traveling. I think this palette is ideal for traveling because you have 9 eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer, and highlight all in one. Plus a useable eyeshadow brush! It is sturdy with a magnetic closure, and doesn't pop open at all. All around I think the packaging is really nice. No complaints about it!
Now onto the inside. I am very pleased with the eyeshadows and how they perform. They are really pigmented and go on really easy on my lids, and blend out really well. This palette has gotten a lot of mixed reviews online, and I think some of the reviews are justifiable. Though the colors in here aren't "unique" or "anything special" I do think this palette is a good one to have. I like it because it isn't a palette full of basic neutral colors, and while the shades are common ones they aren't ones you usually see together in one palette. The only complaint I do have for this palette is the lack of matte colors to do complete eye looks. I am not usually one who loves matte eyeshadows, but I do feel like they do help complete looks. The only matte shadows in the palette are 'Big Baby' and 'Natural Peaches'. Big Baby is a white shade that can't be used as a transition for my skin tone, and Natural Peaches is a great shade for someone who a little bit paler in skin tone than me at the moment. Right now I am really tanned so it isn't very ideal for me. I still really love the color but it isn't the best transition shade for me. After using it everyday this week my favorite colors in the palette are: #SFS, Sassy Bun, Sippy Sippy, and Uncommon. 
I haven't yet tried the bronzer because I am so tan right now I know it won't show up on me. But it is a really nice brown shade, so I do plan on using it as an eyeshadow to pick up the slack for a missing darker transition shade. The blush is really pretty! It is a nice rose color blush that is super pigmented, so have a light hand when you use it! Tarte is known for their famous blushes, so this blush being so amazing is no surprise to me at all. 
The highlighter in this palette is to die for!! It is so amazing! It might be one of the most #BAM highlighters I own. So it is so disappointing that it is in a limited edition palette. I hope that enough people come together to convince Tarte to make an individual highlight of 'Gator Wings'. It is a beautiful white champagne color. It isn't too white, or too golden so I think it would be perfect for everyone from someone who is very fair to someone who is deeper. It goes on smoothly, and doesn't look like a streak of powder on your face. Really pretty, and definitely the stand out of the palette!
Everything in this palette works so well together and I am really pleased with the palette. I love supporting YouTuber's collaborations so adding this palette to my collection was really exciting for me! 

Overall thoughts:
I really do love this palette, and I am so so happy that I bought it. Do I think it is absolutely a need? I would say no to if you really need it, but yes if you are a palette enthusiast. I think for a beginner this palette is so ideal. It comes with a full face of products, and the shadows are great basic shades. And there is some fun pops of color that will help make any eye look look more glam. 
So overall, I am so excited I have this palette, and I would grab it if you love Bunny too!

I might do a post about all my YouTuber collaborations!

xo, Amy

Friday, June 17, 2016

VIB Rouge Event Haul!

 All the samples I got!! 

Two weeks ago I attended my very first VIB Rouge event at Sephora! I became VIB Rouge last year, and I was so happy to be invited to the event. The event was  really early in the morning before the mall opened. It was a sneak peak of some new products coming out this fall. I was able to bring a guest so I bought my friend Stephanie to come with me. She is a makeup lover like myself so we had a blast swatching, and testing out new items!
I didn't purchase any of the new fall items because I wasn't sure if I really needed any of them, but the things I did pick up were things I had had my eyes on for a while.
At the event they were having demos so it was really great to ask questions and get feedback on different products. At the event there were hairstylists who work with Bumble and bumble and they were showing people who were interested how to use their different products. I have always heard people rave about Bumble and bumble but I was never willing to spend the money because the people who I knew who raved about the products had very different hair textures than me. So when they came out with their curly hair line I was so excited to try it out. A few months ago I did get a 100 point perk of the Bb. Curl (Style) Primer and I really loved it so I did pick up the full size. Well I have since run out, so while at the event I picked up another one as well a few other items the stylist showed me how to use on my hair. I also picked up the Bb. Curl (Style) Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil and the Surf Infusion spray. I am really anxious to try the gel-oil because the texture is so interesting to me, and not like anything I have ever used before. I am a little skeptical on the surf spray because that to me screams dryness and my hair needs so much moisture. The bumble and bumble sales representative that was there ensured me that it won't leave my hair dry or brittle feeling, but will add shine and help lock in moisture. Crossing my fingers it works! Will definitely review it as soon as I start using it!
So I am absolutely am addicted to my Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara, and I am sadly running out of it. I have been wanting to try other mascaras too so I picked up the Sephora favorites Lashstash To Go. I thought it seemed like a great deal because you get 5 minis of different mascaras from different brands. But along with the 5 mini mascaras there is a voucher inside the package that you can turn in for a full size of any of the 5 mascaras for free. All of the mascaras are less than $28 (the price of the kit) but I still think this is an amazing deal. Getting to try 5 mascaras then getting the full size for $28 is so great. Besides the Marc Jacobs one and Too Faced mascaras I haven't tried any of the other ones so I am excited to!
And the last thing I actually purchased was the Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Blush & Bronzer palette. I wasn't planning on buying this that day, but the Benefit Cosmetics representative showed my how to make my face look more sculpted using dandelion blush, hoola bronzer, and rockateur blush. Not to blow my own horn, but it looked so amazing on me so I was sold! I snatched this up, and I am so happy I did!
With my points I did pick up a 100 point perk of the Matte Creme Lip Crayon in the shade 'Glace' from Bite Beauty. I do have one already that is almost gone so I am glad they had it as a point perk. I love Bite Beauty, and I especially love their matte crayons. Not too drying, and are really comfortable on my lips. With my purchase I did make VIB Rouge status for 2017 so I got the Rouge gift which is the mini NARS blush in 'Goulue'. Super happy I made VIB Rouge status again, and excited to try a NARS blush. They're really hyped, and shockingly I have never tried a NARS blush!
Also while at the event I got a free 15 minute facial and ton of samples! I got samples of all the products that were used during my facial so that was nice. I am trying to improve my skincare routine so I was so pumped to get all those samples!

I hope Sephora has mor VIB Rouge events because I had a blast!!
Have you ever been to a VIB Rouge event?

xo, Amy

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Beautycon Box!

Yay! My second beautycon box arrived this past weekend! I was out of town when I recieved it in the mail, so I was so pumped to get home and see what was in the box.
The summer box was curated by Kandee Johnson, and when I saw she had curated it I was thrilled. I love her style, and her personality so I knew the box would be amazing. At first glance at everything I am impressed with it all, except one thing! But I will need to test it out to see how I really fell.
And as I did with my spring beautycon box I am just posting this as my immediate first impression, without testing anything, and I will follow up when the fall box comes out! 
I think a follow up 3 months later is best since it ensures that I am giving a really honest, tested review! 
If you got this box too let me know what you are most excited for! I am planning on going to beautycon NYC in October and I am so pumped for it!!! 

xo, Amy