Saturday, June 6, 2015

ColourPop Haul #2!

Top: Rebel, Selfie
Bottom: Deluxe, XO 

After placing my order I realized that I forgot to order somethings I had really been wanting so I placed another order (whoops!). In this order I bought another YouTuber's collaboration item with ColourPop. I bought Shaaanox's eyeshadow quad. I am so mad at myself for forgetting to put this in my cart in my first time, but oh well, I have it now! It is so amazing I can't get enough of it. I can't wait to create different looks!
I picked up another lippie stix but in the shade Westie. It is a light pink with purple undertones. I have yet to wear it out yet, but it does look great on! And lastly I picked up another blush! I have been using my Coralista blush by Benefit like crazy and it is close to being empty. So to replace my $28 Coralista blsuh I picked up Fox. It is not a dupe for Coralista but it is a nice alternative to it. It is a brighter coral color and it is way less in cost.

My second order came a little messed up (I was missing something I had ordered), but I emailed ColourPop right when I opened it and realized it and they replied back within 30 minutes. Their customer service is great, and I was able to get my missing item! It came really quickly after I emailed them and I am so glad I have all four colors now!


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I have been using this makeup sponge for about 3 months now and I must say, it is a staple in my makeup routine now. I use it for multiple things while getting ready. I first use it to blend in my under eye concealer, and then use it to blend out my bareMinerals Hydrating Gel cream. And sometimes I will use it to apply blush.
I have never bought a beautyblender before because the price away pushed me away. I love Real Techniques and own almost all of their brushes, even the limited edition ones, so when they came out with their over version of the beautyblender I was really excited. I love this sponge and for my concealer especially, it blends it beautifully. I just picked up this fresh sponge because my last one was getting kind old and gross, but while I didn't have a replacement I used a foundation brush, my fingers, and a small setting brush to blend out my under eye concealer and none of them worked like the RT Miracle Sponge.
I recommend picking this up if you want a cheaper alternative to the beautyblender. Though I haven't tried the beautyblender itself, I can say that this makeup sponge is amazing and will definitely give you and flawless look!

What do you think of this sponge compared to the beautyblender?


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Face Trifecta

Lately I have been trying to find products that make my face look as flawless as possible without looking caked up with makeup. And I think I have finally found three products that do the trick! I am still on the hunt with more products, but for right now I have found the perfect combination!

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream: What a long name! But I love this product because it provides my face with light, sheer coverage but still covers what I need it to. I have redness around my nose and this covers it amazingly! I also have a lot of freckles on my face and this doesn't cover them all up. I was looking for a product that wouldn't cover all my freckles because I love them and this is perfect! It also has SPF 30 in it which is an added bonus because it's always smart to put on sunscreen or something with SPF in it. So glad I found it!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder: After putting on the bareMinerals Hydrating Gel I then top it will Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in 'Radiant Light.' It is the darkest out of all the lighting powders by Hourglass and it is so great! It is meant to be a highlight, but I use it as an all over face powder. I use it that way because it adds a nice bronze glow to my face . It doesn't ever look caked on either! Worth all the hype it gets, and worth the money. It is pretty pricy but as you can see from the pictures it is almost gone. I have had it for over a year and it is just now running out! I will be running out and buying a new one as soon as this one is completely gone!

bareMinerals Mineral Veil: And lastly I use this to set everything! It helps keep my face from getting oily which tends to happen to me during the summer. It doesn't add a white or light pink cast to my face which is also nice. There is so much product in the jar which is great because it doesn't even look like I've put a dent in it and I've had it a while! Even after I am semi oily throughout the day I can put a light dusting of this on my face and it doesn't look white then either.

I love this combination and if you have tried any of these products let me know what you think!