ColourPop Birthday Haul!

                         Dopey, Echo Park, Littlestitious, Molly {top to bottom}

 Wisp and Butterfly Park {L to R}

I Heart This, Birthday Boy {Top to Bottom}

When I saw on a bunch of beauty YouTuber's snapchats, instagrams, and YouTube channels about ColourPop's 2nd birthday limited edition super shock eyeshadow I got super excited! I was waiting (semi) patiently for the shade to come out so I could get it! If you remember last year ColourPop released a limited edition shade for their 1st birthday, and it was called 'Birthday Girl'. I did get that one as well, and I did a post about it when I got it. So if you want to see that really old post you can check it out here. 
But as soon as their birthday shade dropped so did the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection that ColourPop did with beauty/fashion blogger Jenn Im. So the website was going crazy and there was a virtual line to get on to the actual site. Luckily at the time of the day when I went onto the site my wait time was only about 7-10 minutes. And because I was so pumped for the birthday shade I had already planned out everything I wanted to buy so as soon as I could get onto the site I quickly put all the things I had wanted into my cart.
Since I love ColourPop lippies so much I wanted to try out the new Ultra Satin Lip lipgloss/lipstick. I am actually not sure if it is considered a lipstick or lipgloss, so if you know let me know! But I had my eyes a few shades so I picked up four of them! From the pictures of them you can probably tell what color lippies I lean toward! I tried two of the shades on as soon as I got them, and the formula is so weird! But a great weird. I will need to wear them a few times, and I will be doing a full review on them! Based off a completely first impression, I like them! 
I have a few of the blushes from ColourPop so to step out my box I ordered two of their highlighters. I have been obsessing over highlighters this year (as has everyone and their mothers!). I got two of their highlighters. Online they looked very different, but when I first saw them in the box I thought that they had sent me two of the same one. But they are the ones I ordered. I have only heard amazing things about the highlighters from ColourPop so I am pumped to try these. A review will be coming for these too! 
And lastly, I picked up one super shock eyeshadow. I am pumped to use this shade because it looked so gorgeous on the site. I am not sure if I will be doing a review on the eyeshadow because I did do one in the past. I will just have to see. I am definitely going to be doing a post comparing the two birthday shades though! I am so excited for that post! 
The packaging of this years birthday eyeshadow is so pretty!! It is called 'Birthday Boy'. The purple packaging will stand out in my collection, and I really love the tiara printed on the top. 
I hope if you wanted the birthday shade you were able to get it before it ran out! 
I want to order the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection quad, so if you want to possibly see a review of that let me know! Last year I got Shannon's (Shaaanxo) quad, and it's stunning!

Be ready for a lot of ColourPop posts!! 

xo, Amy



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