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Sorry this post is so late, but with July 4th, and some other things going on in my life I just got so busy. But I am now back on track!
So this is my review of the products in my June ipsy bag! When I saw the previews for this bag on insta and snapchat I was so disappointed because I thought the outside of the bag looked so ugly. But when I actually recieved my bag I instantly fell in love with the bag. It is so cute in person, and it is what I have been using when I have been going away for the past few weekends. So obsessed with the bag! It is tied as my favorite for the cutest with my May ispy bag.
Now on to the product reviews! 

I cheat pretty much every month and look at the products I will be getting in my bag, and this month when I saw that I was getting an Urban Decay eyeshadow I was so excited. The site said I would be either getting the shade 'Lounge' or 'Fireball' and I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn't get Lounge. I already have it so I didn't want to get it again. When I opened my bag and saw Fireball I was so pumped! But at the same time I wasn't that excited because I wasn't sure how that pinkish color would look on me. But last weekend I bit the bullet and used it and I actually really love it. It looks so pretty on. It is a really light pink color with hints of orange. It is buildable which I like because it does go on pretty shear. I read some comments that people were complaining about how small the pan size it, but I think it is the perfect size. Lounge and Fireball are both duo-chrome so you wouldn't wear them on the regular. So I love that they are really small because who knows if I'll even use it all up. And it fits perfectly in my small z-palette!
Overall rating: 5/5

I feel like I have gotten a lot of lip balm products in my ipsy bags which can be annoying, but surprisingly I not mad about it. I like getting different lip treatments because I feel like you can never have too many lip treatment products. This balm claims to be an everything balm where you can use it multiple places. I have only tried it on my lips and I love it. It is similar to a petroleum jelly but doesn't feel as thick to me. It smells amazing and glides on with ease. A little bit goes a long way and covers and coats my lips evenly. I like using it in the morning and keeping it on my lips until I decide on my lip color for the day, and I use it at night to moisturize my lips while I sleep. It keeps my lips super smooth, and preps them amazingly for my lipstick of the day!
Overall rating: 4/5

Another red polish... It was a little sad for me to get another red polish since I hated the last one I got so much. But I was excited to get a Formula X polish because Sephora sells this brand and I have heard nothing but great things about it. This polish is in the color 'Wingwoman', and I really do like it. I used it on my nails and on my toes for July 4th, and it looked really cute. I went a solid 2 and a half days without it chipping on my nails which I think is pretty great. I didn't use top coat or anything. And it has lasted so long on my toes! I do enjoy this color way more than the other red color I got because this one is a true red color. The last one I got was more of an orange red. The thing I don't like about it is the fact that it is red. Though it is pretty I know it not going to be a color I reach for very often.
Overall rating: 3/5

This is the cutest, tiniest blush I have ever seen! I love how tiny it is!! This blush is the prettiest color. It is in the color 'Happy Hibiscus', and it is a natural rosey color, and is really pigmented. When I use it I have to use a really light hand because it will put so much on if you don't. The first time I used it I accidentally put on too much, but it was really easy to blend out. I want to buy the full size of this blush when I run out. Normally I don't run out of blushes, but with this one being so tiny I probably will. I have been bringing it with my on my little weekend trips and loving it! And Seraphine Botanicals is vegan, gluten-free, and 95% natural. There brand is perfect if you are looking for natural, animal friendly products! 
Overall rating: 5/5

Such a great brush! Double ended brushes are getting two products in one, and I love that. The blender side of this blush is so amazing! It blends out my eyeshadows so easily, and the brush hairs feel really soft. I am not as big of a fan of the smudge side. I wish it would have been a shader brush rather than a smudge brush because I don't have that much use for it. But when I have used it I do enjoy it. It is also really soft and works well. And I really love the size of this brush. It isn't too long and fits perfectly in my makeup bag. The only problem is storing it. I can't really store it in a cup without ruining on of the ends which kind of stinks. But I will find a way to store it without messing it up. Love the teal color of the brush too! I have gotten a brush in every single one of my ipsy bags and I love it! I love getting brushes because they're always so useful!
Overall rating: 3.5/5

I was really pleased with June's bag! I have loved all my ipsy bags so far, and I am so glad I signed up for it finally! I am on my 5th month of recieving ipsy and I am so pleased. I have read comments on insta and seen people on YouTube not as happy with their ipsy bags, but I am so happy about it. 
I don't foresee myself unsubscribing from ipsy anytime soon! I might even subscribe back to Birchbox. I have seen what people have gotten recently, and it looks amazing! 
If you get Birchbox, let me know if you think I should get it! 

xo, Amy



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