ColourPop Haul and Review

Swatches Top to Bottom: Lumiere, Toucan, Heart On

Seeing that Colourpop is all the rage these days, I decided to jump on the bandwagon finally! And I finally placed an order last week when they were celebrating their one year birthday and giving away a free limited edition eyeshadow with every order! It was also my first time purchasing so I got $5 off because I signed up with my email.
In my first order to Colourpop I bought 3 lippie stix and a blush. I also got the free one year anniversary eyeshadow. For 5 items I only paid $22.99!! What an amazing deal!
I love KathleenLights channel on YouTube so I wanted to support her so I bought her lippie stix in the color Lumiere. It is a beautiful. If you have been searching for a great toned down everyday color this is the perfect color. I think this is going to be my new purse lipstick because it is easy to slap on and goes with every look.
I also picked up the lippie stix Toucan. I hadn't ever heard anything on this color so I was eager to get it. I wanted to try out a color that didn't have a bunch of hype around it so I could possibly introduce something new for others! Review on this lippie stix will be coming soon!
And the last shade I picked up was Heart On.  It's a beautiful dark berry color and I am in love. It looks amazing on my tan skin and I am excited to wear this color this summer!
I wanted to try one of every single different type of product that ColourPop offers and since I was getting 3 lippie stixs and an eyeshadow for free I picked up a blush! I didn't know which one to get so I picked a random one that seemed not too bold, but not too boring for my skin tone. I went with Between The Sheets and I think it was a good choice. It's a matte blush and it looks like a light pink with slight grey, purple undertones. I absolutely love it!

Overall, I had a great experience with ColourPop! They shipped my order very quickly and it came with a nice little hand written note. I am very impressed by their service and will continue to support them!

If you have tried ColourPop and have some suggestions on what I should order next, let me know! I am definitely making more orders so I could use some suggestions!




  1. I need some Colourpop, I wish they would ship to the UK already. :(

    Great haul!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  2. I need some Colourpop, I wish they would ship to the UK already. :(

    Great haul!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

    1. hopefully they will start shipping there soon because they ship to NZ and Australia!

  3. Oooh all these products look really lovely!!! Beautiful colours :)

    Layla xx


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