Ciate London Review

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 Swatches of shades from both palettes 
Top 3 Swatches: Smokey Suede Palette
Bottom 3 Swatches: The Fun Palette

So I first heard about Ciate London because I knew of their nail polish, but then I heard Joanna AKA bronzedbeautyyy on YouTube rave about the  Olivia Palermo x Ciate London lipstick in the shade 'praline'. Since I really love her channel, and her style I decided to pick it up too. I usually like what Joanna wears since she is a tad darker than me I know what looks good on her will most likely look similar on me.
I am so glad I picked it up!! It is the most perfect dark nude shade. It is so creamy, and it lasts all day. When I wore it to work I got a bunch of really nice compliments, and after drinking a bunch of water and eating lunch it was still on my lips at the end of the day. I was so amazed! I didn't think it would fade easily, but I didn't expect it to last through so much. It is comfortable on my lips as well. I didn't feel like my lips were the least bit dry.
Because I loved the Ciate London lipstick so much I wanted to branch out and try other makeup from this brand. Besides Joanna I haven't heard anyone speak on this brand at all! I wanted to give a brand with not a lot of hype a chance because it could really be amazing. So I picked up the Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes palette. It is so great!! This brand really is seriously underrated. The shadows in this palette are pigmented, really soft, and glide on my eyelids effortlessly. Then when I saw trendmood1 was talking about Ciate on her snap story I was so shocked! She was talking about the new palettes that Ciate was coming out with, and as soon as they were live on Sephora's site I snatched one up! I decided on The Fun Palette. I wanted this bright palette because I have plenty of neutral palettes, and I love the pops of color this palette has! The packaging of the palettes is so ideal for traveling. They're small and compact and will fit in any makeup bag! I love the outside of The Fun Palette so much because how it has the moving eyes depending on the angle you hold it at. When I see the eyes on the front it reminds me of The Great Gatsby. If you have read the book, or seen the movie you will know the reference!
I love Ciate London so much more now that I discovered their amazing makeup line. But with great things comes a few cons. So the first con I have is the shape of the pans. They are a little weird shaped so it can be difficult to get your brush in. Another con I found with these palettes are the lack of names printed on the actual palette. To know the names you have to actually keep the boxes they come in because the names are printed on the boxes. I don't understand why they did that and it is pretty annoying, but I can look past it. It's nothing major. And another thing to remember if you chose to buy the Olivia Palermo palettes is that they are in the same exact packaging. So if you are in a hurry and grab one you could be grabbing the wrong one.

Have you tried anything from the Ciate London makeup line? If so, what have you tried, and do you like it? If you haven't tried anything I recommend their lipsticks for sure!!

xo, Amy



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