May Ipsy Bag Review

I can't believe this is my third ipsy post! The months are flying by, and I feel like each month I keep discovering more and more amazing brands!
The bag this month is by far my favorite of the 3 I have received! It looks like an adorable envelope clutch bag! And the theme is so awesome for the upcoming summer. I love all the landmarks printed on the bag too.
For starters before I review any of the products I just want to say how pleasing my bag plus all the products look to the eye. I love how everything goes together, and it's mostly pink!

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
When I first saw this mascara in my bag I was so excited. I needed a new mascara so this came at the most perfect time. The first time I used this mascara I wasn't impressed at all. I have used it for the past few weeks, but I have forgotten to use it a few times. It isn't that amazing to where I am excited to use to everyday. It doesn't add volume to my lashes which is what I like the most. It makes my lashes really separated which is great for people who love that look but because I have pretty short eyelashes separating them doesn't give them the best look. When my lashes have a lot of added volume it gives the illusion that they're longer. This mascara just isn't doing what I personally like, but I don't think it is a terrible mascara. If you like separated lashes then this is the one for you.
So since it doesn't do the trick for me I probably won't buy the full size.
Overall rating: 2.5/5

SLMissGlam Small Contour W07 Brush
I am 3 for 3 on brushes so far with my ipsy bags and I am so happy about it! This is by far my favorite brush I have received! Not only it it a really soft brush, but it is also really beautiful. The pink, white, and gold is absolute perfection. I am so happy with the quality, and I love how ipsy offers discount codes for the products featured in the months bags because I definitely want to pick up more of these brushes because I am blow away with the quality. I have been using it to highlight instead of contouring, and it is the perfect brush to highlight with. It adds it to the perfect place on my cheekbones, and my highlight is on fleek!
Overall rating: 5/5

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer
This was really cool to get in my ipsy bag because it is full size. And while I love the highlight blocks in this shimmer brick it is not very ideal to use as a bronzer. The actual bronzer square is so tiny, and swirled all together it is an orangy color which isn't bad for an eyeshadow, but not ideal for a bronzer. I have been using the SLMissGlam brush with the highlight to highlight my cheeks. I probably won't use this as a bronzer, but I will definitely keep using the highlight squares, and I might try to use the bronzer square as an eyeshadow. And since there are two of the highlight color squares I do see this lasting me a long time which I am happy about. I am tanner since going to my lake house, so this golden highlighter is great for summer!
Overall rating: 3/5

Hanalei Lip Treatment
Where do I start with this lip treatment? I am so in love!! It smells great, and makes my lips look really plump and smooth. This products comes out the tube and looks like a thick balm but when it hits your lips it kind of melts down to a thin oil consistently. I put it on before I go to sleep and wake up with really soft lips and have no dry patches on my lips at all. I also put it on right after I brush my teeth in the morning so that it'll absorb into my lips while I get ready. The only thing I don't like about it is that it has a really strong smell that I can continue to smell until I fall asleep or until I wipe it off. Thankfully it has a coupon code which I am 100% going to take advantage of. If you don't have ipsy and want to try this lip treatment out use the code 'HANALEI30' to get 30% off.

Formula 10.0.06 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask
I love any mask that can clear out my pores, and make them appear smaller so this was an excitement when I saw this. Not only is it not a one time use, so I can test it out to see if it really works, but it is in cute pink packaging. But besides the outside, the inside is great. After I used it one time I could really see the difference in my pores. They looked clearer, and I felt like it make my pores look noticeably smaller. The mask is a light pink color because it has strawberries in it, and it smells great. I use it just on my nose, cheeks, and chin only because those are where my pores are largest!
Overall rating: 5/5

If you are subscribed to ipsy let me know what you got in your bag, and what you liked in it! If you aren't subscribed and want the coupon codes for any of the items I got let me know, and I will give them to you, and I will be sure to include all the codes for the items I get in next months bag.

xo, Amy



  1. Really love the look of the bronzer, the colours are fab, shame it doesn't work all together though. Although good idea to just use the highlight squares x

    Darling Jordan

    1. yeah it stinks that it doesn't all work together. maybe if the highlight was a little less gold it could work. I think the deep gold is making it more orange!


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