Laura Lee x Violet Voss

{pictures were taken before use}

When I first saw the announcement of this palette I was super excited. I love Laura Lee, and I love supporting YouTubers collaborating with brands to create different beauty products, or any other kind of collaboration. 
I had heard mixed reviews about Violet Voss palettes, but this palette looked to amazing to me in the preview pictures, and preview instagram videos Laura put up I knew I had to get my hands on it. I had missed the pre pre launch, so I waited patiently for the pre launch date. I had set an alarm on my phone to go off when the palette launched, and I was so happy when I got it!
First off let me start by saying this palette I much bigger than I expected it to be. I thought it would be a little bit smaller, but it is huge which is so great! The packaging of the palette is super thin, sleek and minimal (I like that). It reminds of the feeling of NARS packaging, like the smooth rubbery texture, combined with LORAC packaging. It is very thin just like LORAC palettes. So it is the best of both worlds. It has Laura Lee's signature on it in a holographic type print stamped on the front. The card that comes in the palette with Laura's picture is actually signed by her! It isn't just a card with a printed signature on it. It is actual sharpie on the card, which is so cool!! I was so pumped when I saw it because it shows she took the time to sign all those cards instead of signing one and copying the rest. It seemed like a nice personal touch that made me feel that much more special. 
As for the eyeshadows themselves, I do think the eyeshadows are pigmented and feel really smooth to me. But when I look at this palette I just feel so uninspired. Multiple days I tell myself I am going to use this palette then I end up just staring at it for like 20 minutes or longer just wondering what I should do. I know there are so many looks that can come from this palette I just don't see any of them working for me. I feel so sad that I feel that way towards the palette (like it has feelings itself ha ha) but I feel bad because I was so excited to order it, and now I am semi regretting it. 
Maybe I need to just play with it some more, but at this point I have had it for about a month now, and I am not liking it anymore than I did when I first got it. 
I do think it is really great that Laura hand picked every single name for each shadow, and I love the video of her explaining each shade. I am from the south as well so I love the southern slang that is incorporated. 
My go to colors I like in this palette are Tickled Pink, Mama Bird, Britches, and Alabama. Bitty and 1989 are so similar looking just based off looking at the palette, but they are slightly different. In my opinion I do not think that they are different enough to have both in the palette, let alone right next to each other. Raga Muffin is a nice shade, but I definitely underestimated the amount of orange in it! I accidentally put too much on the very first time I put it on. It is great how pigmented it is, so that was a user error, not a palette error! Hissy Fit is an amazing bronzy color, and I do love it but I don't think it is too unique to where I can't find it in another palette. 
Those are the only shadows I have used so far, so I don't have an opinion on any other color. I will continue to use this palette and hope that I will begin to like it more. If I start liking it I will for sure post about it!
Overall, I do not think this is a must need palette. You can totally skip it and not lose sleep over it. I am only glad I have it because I am support Laura Lee, but other than that I don't see the point of having it. If it wasn't a collaboration with someone that I love watching I wouldn't have picked it up. 
Unfortunately it is sold out, so if you were looking to get it you are out of luck! 

If you have this palette what do you think? Is the Holy Grail palette better or worse? Is it worth me buying the Holy Grail if I am not loving this one? Let me know below!

xo, Amy



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