Makeup Masterclass by Rae Morris

This was my very first time ordering from Beautylish, and I must say I am very impressed! Not only is it speedy it is also free with purchases over $35! Even if you don't spend $35 shipping is only $5. So that altogether is a huge plus for me!
With Beautylish you can opt in for text alerts regarding your package, so I got texts of when they received my order, when it shipped, and when it was delivered. I love that! It made me feel really valued as a customer. Another great service with Beautylish is after I received my order an employee from Beautylish texted me asking me how I was enjoying my order, and even told me I could text her anytime to ask her questions. It was so helpful because I asked her about some other stuff I ordered (review coming soon!).
My first order I placed was for the Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass. I saw this book on trendmood's snap chat and instantly fell in love. It might is the most beautiful book I own. I call it my makeup bible because it has so much detailed information plus gorgeous pictures. It is helpful as I navigate through my makeup obsession. I think even if you are a makeup artist you can benefit from this book because of all the information and knowledge Rae Morris shares. The book costs $55 which sounds expensive, but considering how big it is it's worth it. The book is quite large in size, but also volume. It has close to 500 colored pages in it! Impressive!
 I haven't read through the whole book yet, but I hope I can improve my makeup skills from reading, and practicing. And I love the images in this book so much I hope it inspires me for my future goals and dreams in life.
Also with my order I got two Bioderma samples! I hear so much hype around Bioderma so I am pumped to try it!

If you haven't ever placed an order with Beautylish I highly recommend it. They ship to so many countries all over the world, and literally have the best customer service I have ever had, and that includes actually shopping in stores too.

If you have the Rae Morris book let me know what you think of it! Or if you have read any other makeup book that is great let me know what they are so I can pick them up!

xo, Amy



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