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I love Estee Lauder brand of makeup so much. It's such a classy brand and they have so many amazing products. When I saw that they had their Estee Edit line that was featuring special guest editor Kendall Jenner I immediately knew I wanted something from the collection. Kendall Jenner is one of my favorite models, and I love her so much.
So from the collection I decided to pick two of the blushes. I didn't want the eyeshadow palette because I have boughten so many new palettes recently, I wanted to buy something different.
For starters, the price of the blush is $28. It is pretty pricy, but for the brand and the guest editor it is expected. I think you could probably find blushes in very similar shades, for a lot cheaper.
The packaging of the blushes is so cute though. It looks so modern in a silver compact with a spray paint spot on it. It closes with a click, but feels cheap. It is plastic, which from the pictures online I thought that it was metal. And in my coral blush the pan is loose and feels like it'll pop out at any minute. That is a big let down considering I paid $28 for it. The mirror inside the compact, is small and standard with most blushes, so not anything too special.
The two colors I got are 'Coy Coral' and 'Ember Glow'. I love the colors so much. The coral shade is so stunning. I love Coralista by Benefit so much, and this color reminds me of that one only a pinch darker. Ember Glow is so beautiful as well. It is a reddish, brown color, and to me reminds me of Dallas from Benefit. It's funny that both of these blushes remind of me Benefit blushes. They aren't exactly color dupes, but they are just similar and favor each other.
But here are my pro's and con's of these blushes!

  • Wearable shades for all skin tones
  • Cute, small packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Blendable 
  • Very pigmented 
  • Price tag
  • Gold spot is just an overspray
  • Only .21oz, compared to .28oz (Coralista blush)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Pan on one of the blushes is loose
Final thoughts:
For these blushes the pro's and con's are equal for me, but I don't think they are a must have. They are so much, for what is less product than if you bought a Benefit blush. This blush is the same size as the Too Faced Love Flushed 16-hour blush. The Too Faced blushes in my opinion are better than these though. They have more color options, are $2 cheaper, and when I tested them at the store the packaging is much more sturdier. 
The pan on one of my blushes is almost falling out, which is so annoying. If I wouldn't have paid so much for them I wouldn't care. There are two other blush colors, but I don't think I will be picking them up. 
If you tried anything else from The Estee Edit line and is worth buying let me know so I can grab it!

xo, Amy



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