Buried Treasure

I have heard and seen a ton of hype about the Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks and they are always sold out so when I saw that Dose of Colors was coming out with a palette I didn't think much of it. But after seeing the Instagram swatch videos of some of the colors in the palette I instantly fell in love.  I saw previews for the palette on trendmood's instagram page and stalked the Dose of Color's page for when the palette would be released.
This is Dose of Color's first palettes, and it is called Hidden Treasure palette. Unfortunately, it is sold out right now, but as soon as it comes back into stock I would definitely grab it! It is $50, and I had read in the comments on Dose of Color's page that people thought it was too much. I personally don't think it is overpriced. The Naked palettes are $54 now and contain 12 shadows, this palette is $4 cheaper, but only has 10 shadows. Yes, you are getting less, but it not that much of a difference to where it will really break your bank. And the pigmentation of the shadows makes this worth every penny. They are so creamy, and very smooth.
I love the packaging so much too! I like magnetic cardboard packaging better than plastic, or metal packaging. I know it is cheaper quality, but I just like it better. Since the palette is so thin it is very ideal for traveling. I didn't take it with my when I went to New Orleans because I was going for such a short period I didn't pack that much makeup. But since it is neutral colors, with the most amazing metallic shades this would be perfect for any trip. The palette is equal parts matte finishes and metallic. One complaint that I hear people complain about is not enough mattes, so this palette is perfect because it isn't over populated with satins, shimmers or metallics.
So far my favorite shades in the palette are Map, Pearl, Locket, and Gemstone.

Final thoughts:
If you are a makeup junkie, love to collect makeup, or are just starting to use makeup I would grab this palette! It is so beautiful. The shade range in my opinion is really great. Ruby and Crown are such bold colors. They are two shades that can be worn everyday, but can also be used to create bold looks. So to me because there are the perfect neutrals in this palette, plus bold shades that are still everyday use it is what makes this palette desirable.
If you have tried this palette and love it too, let me know! And if you didn't get to grab it while it was in stock keep your eyes peeled for it!

xo, Amy



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