Mardi Gras!

This past weekend I was in New Orleans and I just bought this eyeshadow this past week because I thought it would be the most perfect occasion to wear it! The bright brownish gold plus the bright grey purple just screamed Mardi Grad to me, and wearing this eyeshadow in New Orleans was so exciting.
This duo is by NARS and is called Kauai. It is absolutely stunning. I first heard about this amazing duo from Nicole who makes YouTube videos, and her channel is Young Wild and Polished. She is so great! She makes amazing videos, and gives really honest reviews. Anything that she says is great I definitely trust. I linked her channel so you can go check out her amazing videos.
This is my very first NARS eyeshadow, so I had very high high expectations for it. Not only is it from NARS and their reputation is amazing, but it is so expensive! This duo was $35... *faints from price tag* but luckily I had a Sephora gift card from my brother and his wife from Christmas, so I didn't feel bad buying something so expensive.
Once on my eyes the golden shade looked slighty lime green mixed with a gold, which I really love. And today was my birthday, so I had to showcase this amazing eyeshadow! I still haven't used the purple all over my lid, but swatched it looks amazing. It is so pretty, and I am so in love with this duo. I plan on using the purple on my lower lash line because I love neutrals on the lid with a pop on my lash line!

Final thoughts:
Though this duo is very beautiful, and really great quality I do not recommend anyone running out and purchasing it. The golden shade is an everyday color which is great, but the purple isn't for everyday use and some people just strictly like neutrals. Because of the price tag I think this duo is something that can definitely be skipped.
Hope this review helps!

xo, Amy



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