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If you haven't seen this palette you might be living under a rock because it might be the cutest palette that I own! The Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe is so adorable! It is a palette of all the Too Faced 16-Hour blushes. It is my first blush palette that I own, and I am obsessed with it.
Let me start with the packaging: pink, slim, hearts, and bunnies? Perfection. The only complaint I have with it is the fact that it is all 6 blushes in a row. It is not that ideal for traveling since it is so long. I think it would be better is the blushes were in rows of 3 versus one long row.
As for the blushes inside, they are so great! I had always wanted to try the love flush palettes, but because they were so pricey I never bought any. Now I have all 6 shades in one convenient palette!
All the shades are all so pigmented and last so long on your cheeks. They are pretty easy to blend, but can easily look crazy if you use too much of a heavy hand.
Out of the all the shades I like 'baby love' the best. It's a natural blush with a hint of shimmer. I usually stick to the three blushes on the left side of the palette because they are better for everyday use. But since it is winter time I am loving the darker shades because during the winter I wear a lot of darker colors!

Final Thoughts:
If you have been wanting to try out any of the Too Faced 16-Hour blushes, but haven't wanted to splurge this is the palette for you. You get the opportunity to try all the blushes for only $36. Individually, each blush is $28. So for a few dollars more you will be able to try all the different shades. If you are looking at this palette from an amount of product standpoint it is still a good deal. An individual 16-Hour blush is .21oz. In the palette each blush is .07oz. Combined together all six blushes are more product that one blush alone.
If you are looking for a blush palette for travel purposes, I don't suggest this one. The packaging is so terrible in my opinion for traveling so I wouldn't recommend it for that.
But if you can look past the packaging and don't care then I say go for it! So overall I think this is a must have palette in anyone's collection!

I have another blush palette I can review, so let me know if you would want a comparison post on the two!

xo, Amy



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