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Marc Jacob's beauty line is so luxurious, and a lot of the products seem to be such great quality. I love seeing everyone's reviews and tutorial's using many of his products. I own one thing from his makeup line and I love it.
When I was deciding what to buy from his line, I knew I wanted to get an eyeshadows palette because they seem to be one of the most popular items. The most popular of the Style Eye Con No. 7 palettes is 'The Lolita', but I didn't want to get that one because though it is very popular and looked very beautiful I wanted to try one another one of the palettes. So I went with 'The Starlet' palette! And it is so beautiful! The shades in this palette are so different, yet work so well together to make this palette what it is. The 3 purple/taupe shades to the left are the shades that seem to all coordinate together but then there is also that amazing copper, and the bright muted green thrown in. Thinking about the colors I wouldn't think they go together, but when in this palette it's brilliant! I took this palette with me when I traveled to London, and I loved the using the silver shade. In the pan it looks light/baby blue to me but on the lid it is an icy silver.
The shadows are very pigmented and glide on your eye nicely. They seem to blend well with each other and with other eyeshadows from other brands. The packaging is what sets this palette apart from any other brand out there! It is sleek, thin and comes in the greatest little case. It snaps shut, and protects the case from getting covered with fingerprints. It is the epitome of travel friendly!
To me this palette is very underrated when it comes to the Style Eye Con palettes. I would recommend this one over The Lolita palette just because if you are a makeup/beauty lover you more than likely have a neutral palette that has some similar shades already in it. I have plenty of neutral palettes so I did not want to buy another one that is this expensive. This palette is $59! I feel like that is very high end because for an Urban Decay Naked palette it is $54, but you are getting 12 shadows. To pay $59 for 7 shadows is luxury to me!

Final thoughts:
If this is a price you are comfortable to pay for a palette I would say go for it! If you don't want to spend that much but still want a palette from Marc Jacobs beauty line this is a great thing to ask for from a loved one. It is pigmented and if paired with an already owned neutral palette it would create many different looks for day and nights!




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