Rekindled love

With it being a new year, I think it is time I give my blog another try. I feel as though it was hard to keep myself motivated to continue with my blog with all the things happening within the last year or so. I was finishing my senior year in college, and it was two very long, very difficult semesters. I had so many math courses that I needed to study for, it made it extremely impossible to detach myself from school for my blog. But now that I am graduated, and I have a full time job. I am only working with loads of spare time on the weekends, and I am now going to throw myself into what I am really passionate about; blogging. I love everything about blogs, and with all I have read, and all the knowledge I have acquired I feel like I have a lot of great information to share. I want to dedicate my blog to beauty, fashion, and maybe fitness (still a work in progress in my life!)
Ready to dive back into things, and share everything I know! Onward into 2016!



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