Lip Hydration

With temperatures finally dropping, and the weather acting like it is actually winter my lips have been becoming extremely dry. The winter months always make my lips extremely cracked, and disgusting. But this year I have found my new ultimate lip care system. These two products are amazing and I highly recommend anyone who has cracked or crusty lips to try them. One is super inexpensive, and the other is on the pricer side.
The first item I have been loving to combat this winter weather is the Vaseline lip therapy in the Rose shade. It is so beautiful and even smells amazing! In the past I have not a huge rose fan, but I am slowly becoming a rose fanatic. I use the Vaseline product at night after I brush me teeth, right before I go to sleep, and after I brush my teeth in the mornings. It is so hydrating and when I wake up in the mornings my lips are not dry, or flaky at all. I love that it makes my lips feel silky smooth. In the past I used Maybelline baby lips before I went to sleep, but too often woke up with flaked lips. And can we not just take a moment to appreciate how adorable and tiny it is! Another, not really valuable reason, why I am so obsessed over it. I received it in a holiday set with two other minis (the original Vaseline and the cocoa butter version).
Benefit's lollibalm is so great too! I keep it in my purse to use while I am out and about and when my lips need an added bit of moisture. It works like a dream. It smells a tad bit of roses as well. (Like I said, I am on a rose kick!). My mom got me the lollibalm in my stocking this Christmas, and I am so glad she threw it in there. It is the most perfect lip balm for my lips this winter. I am scared I am going to run out of it quickly, and I want to buy a back, plus another one of the Benefit's lip balms.

Final thoughts:
If you have extreme dry lips during the winter I would definitely recommend picking up, if not both, one of these lip balms. Based on price, I would go with the Vaseline one because not only can you pick it up anywhere (CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc) it is beyond affordable. I believe it is around $2 or so. Vaseline brand also sells little metal pots of their lip therapy products too. Easy to get your hands on, and easy on your wallet. The Benefit balm is a splurge. I wouldn't say it is needed, but it is great to have. It beats out the Vaseline in connivence because you don't have to stick your hand in it. You just pop it on like a lipstick which is better for situations when you can't get to a bathroom to wash your hands.

If you have any awesome recommendations for dry lips let me know in the comments!




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