Trust Fund Beauty Haul/Review

Since subscribing to ipsy I noticed on their site they have a lot of great coupon codes for the sites of the brands they feature in their bags. So I decided to take advantage of one of the codes they had and I picked up some nail polishes from Trust Fund Beauty. I had never heard of this brand prior to subscribing to ipsy, and after stalking their instagram I thought their polish was something I had to have.
I decided on 3 colors, and the ones I got were 'I'm Kind of a Big Deal' which is described as a dusty rose. I haven't used it yet, but the pictures I saw of this shade are so beautiful. It is perfect for summer! The next shade I got was 'Boy Tears' which is the best silvery glitter. I have a love hate relationship with glitter polish. It is so beautiful and will be perfect for summer as well. Glitter polish always looks so amazing when the sun hits it! And the last color I got was 'Elegantly Wasted'. It is described as a dark lilac, which is very accurate. It looks like the perfect light purple color with grey undertones.
I am so impressed with these polishes!! They are for sure my new favorite brand. Trust Fund Beauty is cruelty free and vegan which is really awesome. Not a lot of nail polish brands seem to be as conscience of the ingredients they put in the polish as much as Trust Fund Beauty does.
I used 'Elegantly Wasted' on my nails with 'Boy Tears' on my pinky nails and it turned out very nice. When I painted my nails I didn't use a top coat and my nails didn't start to chip until about 4 days in. My nails still looked really great a week later, so I was pleasantly surprised. I think with a top coat it'll last even longer.
The biggest down side to Trust Fund Beauty is the price. The polishes are $15 a piece which is the most I have spent on any nail polishes. But since they are cruelty free, vegan, and formulated in the US it is semi expected.
I wasn't too bothered about the price because I did use the ipsy coupon code so I was happy to save a little bit of money.
Unfortunately, the code is no longer on ipsy's site, but I would check back next month for it. Or if you don't mind paying $15 per polish I recommend picking some colors up!
I have a few on my wishlist, and as soon as I see another coupon code I am going to pick them up. I also want to try one of their lipsticks because they have lipsticks, and a highlight!
If you have tried any of Trust Fund Beauty polishes, or other makeup products let me know which ones! And if you have ipsy, I would say take advantage of the codes!

xo, Amy



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