Beautycon Box!

When I first heard about Beautycon Box I didn't think much of it honestly but when I found out that Bunny aka grav3yardgirl was curating the box I jumped on it! I bought it kind of late after she announced it so I was really scared I wouldn't get one of her boxes. But I emailed their customer service and was given a really quick reply that YES I would be receiving one of Bunny's boxes. I was so excited to get it. I ordered it a month ago, and I just now got it in the mail.
Since I just opened it I wanted to get this post up ASAP! It is my unboxing post of the box, and I must say it is amazing!! I had already seen what was going to be in the box, so nothing was a surprise, but I am so pumped to finally have it.
I will posting a review in the next few weeks on how I feel about the products in the box (spoiler alert: I already tried something and I am loving it!!).
But for now, here are some photos I just snapped while opening it!

If you got Beautycon Box as well leave me a comment on your thoughts of the box, and who you think will be curating the next one! My hope is KathleenLights!

xo, Amy



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