Simple As That

I usually makeup remover wipes or some random makeup eye remover liquid, but last month when I had a coupon for $1 off any Simple product I got in a Cosmo magazine I decided to pick something up. I use to use their makeup remover wipes but I didn't really like them. I never understood all the hype around them because I though that other brands were just as good, or even better.
So because I had this coupon and I had heard about this product via YouTube I picked it up while at Target. And the product I am talking about is Simple Micellar Facial Cleanser Water. I always heard such amazing things about Bioderma, but since it is not sold in the US I never have tried it. It is suppose to be a great alternative to Bioderma.
It is worth every penny!! I compared prices and it is being sold for a dollar less at Target ($6.99) that at Ulta ($7.99). To me is worth more than what it is being sold for because I would pay at least $15 for it. It removes my makeup effortlessly and doesn't burn or sting my eyes one bit. It honestly does feel like I am taking my makeup off with water, but magic water. I wear the Kat Von D tattoo liner and as much as I love it, it is a bit difficult to remove somethings. With the Simple Micellar Water it comes over in about 2-3 swipes. I am so in love with this facial cleanser and am really happy that it is so inexpensive. I definitely plan to only use this to remove my makeup and clean my face.

If you have tried this cleanser and love it let me know! Or if you know something just as great, let me know!




  1. Cleansing water is all the rage now isn't it?
    I have never done skin care and usually just hope all my make up comes off in the shower but I have bought the Garnier and the L'oreal cleansing water and use them everyday.

    1. cleansing water is so popular at the moment! are the garnier and l'oreal ones good? i might need to try them!


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