I know I am super late to this bandwagon, but nonetheless, I have finally got on it, and I am so glad that I did! This palette is completely worth all the hype it gets!
I love everything about this palette. I bought it back in March because I had a gift card to Ulta so because I had that I picked it up. I had wanted it for a long time but I never had $49 to shell out. But since I had received a gift card I ran to get it!
The first thing I love about this palette is the packaging. It is so adorable! I am glad I didn't pick it up when it was first released because it was in a bigger packing and it was thicker. Now it is in a thin, easy for travel tin case.
The shadows in this palette are so perfect for everyday wear as well as creating bold night time looks. It is one of my favorite palettes that I own and I have been using it non-stop. The colors are so pigmented and they are easy to blend on your lids. A little goes a long way which is something I always look for when I swatch a palette because then it is going to last me a long time.
I love this palette and with all its greatness, it does have some cons. Yes, price is a con for people who are on a budget. Another thing that I have heard that some people dislike is the fact that eyeshadow names are not printed on the actual palette itself, but on a removable sheet. It doesn't bother me one bit because even if I did lose the sheet I could just look up the shadow name one my phone. I don't think it is super imperative that I know the name of the shadow.
Overall, I love this palette and I recommend it anyone who has been skeptical of buying it. Though the price is very unappealing it is worth it. You get 16 shadows for $49. It is cheaper than both Naked palettes, and you get more product. I think spending $45-$55 on a palette is reasonable because they last a long time. I think palettes are definitely an investment makeup product.

If you are interested in this palette you have many options on where you can purchase it. You can purchase it from Sephora, Ulta, or Too Faced website!




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